Organize Favorite Tweets & Friends from Twitter.
Easy Drag and Drop.

Import your awesome Favorite Tweets, place them into your own categories.
Import Friends from Twitter, organize and keep their contacts in one place.

Tweetbits dashboard Twitter organization

Dashboard with Everything.

Our beautiful dashboard provides you with all the tools you need to create new categories, drag and drop tweets into categories, switch between sections, manage your tweets or friends profiles. It's simple and clean. It also works on the iPhone, so you can categorize things on the go!

Tweetbits beautiful dashboard

Super easy to use.

Over 1000+ people use Tweetbits every day. Importing 30,000+ tweets from Twitter. Adding 1,300 tweets into categories each week. Now organizing Friends on Twitter too.

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Create & Manage Categories

Easily create custom named categories (ie: marketing, news, sports, coupons), color coded and prioritize to ensure you can find your tweets quickly, track your conversations, bookmark recipies, collect coupons and more.

Create and Manage Categories

Drag and Drop Tweets

Organize your tweets into your custom categories with a simple drag and drop of your mouse (finger drag icon to category on mobile), saving each one for later to read, reference to or track each Twitter discussion.

Drag and Drop Tweets

Delete Tweets Forever

Our NEWEST option provides you with the ability to remove a favorite tweet from both your Tweetbits web application and from Twitter. Forget about useless favorite tweets lingering on your Twitter, if you delete it here, it's gone forever on Twitter too.

Drag and Drop Tweets

Archive Unwanted Tweets

If you come across a unwanted tweet but would like to keep but not within the same queue as your new tweets come in, you can! Just click "archive" to move them to the Archive section for later retrieval.

Drag and Drop Tweets

Are You Social Pro?

Import Your Friends

It's great if you have few hundred of followers you constantly keep in touch with through Twitter. It's not fun if you always have to search for them. Now you can import your friends into Tweetbits to organize them. Keep them for quick reference.

Create and Manage Categories

Categorize Each Contact Profile

Create any type of category you like for your contacts. Just click and enter the text, choose a color and create. You can easily see the number of contacts you have per category and also have the ability to drag and drop your friends into them.

Create and Manage Categories

Save Your Important Contacts

Organizing your friends or contacts from Twitter in Tweetbits is very easy. Just drag their "avatar" image to a category and let it go. Single click and drag of a mouse allows you to quickly organize and save each contact.

Create and Manage Categories

Manage Their Contacts

Keeping in touch is very important and this means that many different people on Twitter will be important to you. Them being so important you should have all of the tools you need to quickly lookup their profile, send a message or have their email available at all times.

Create and Manage Categories

Simple Plans.

We love simple, which is why we built Tweetbits. Our service plans are simple too. We have two plans, a FREE plan which will allow you to create 2 categories and import 50 tweets in total. PRO plan allows you to import thousand of tweets, save all of them and create unlimited number of categories. PRO plan also gives you an extra section to save your friends and categorize them in every way.

Free Plan


1 Social Account
2 Categories
50 Tweets Limit
Standard Features

Pro Plan

$7/mo or $60/year

Import & Organize Unlimited Tweets
Import & Organize Friends on Twitter
Unlimited Categories & Messaging
Friend's Twitter Stats*
Discover & Save Friend's Favorites*
Archive, Restore or Delete Forever
Secure Store & Backup
24/7 Staff Support
*upcoming features

Mobile Ready!

Tweetbits supports full functionality on iOS 7 mobile devices such as iPhone. Organize and categorize your tweets on the go, no matter where you are. You don't have to download and install any type of iTunes or iOS 7 apps, just open Safari and organize.

Organize Everything

Twitter is one of those web apps that grew with the buzz around the world but many users still don't understand Twitter. Tweetbits is trying to help by providing you with tools that Twitter forgot about. Organize your friends or your favorite tweets into simple and useful categories. Not just long lists.

Safe Storage

Tweetbits also provides you with Tweets and Friends storage. Everything you organize on Tweetbits is stored safely, allowing you to look it all up at a later date. Deleted a friend or favorite tweet on Twitter? no problem! It's still on Tweetbits.

Supporting International Use of Twitter

Tweet in your language! Save your favorite tweets in your language or organize your foreign friends under your category in your language. Tweetbits fully supports over 196 countries and their tweets, if we don't we will. What country are you from?

Tweetbits support for international languages

It's Free for Life or Social PRO plan for $60 a year.

Take Tweetbits for a test drive with our Free plan. Categorize 50 tweets into 2 Categories or Upgrade to Social PRO plan to organize unlimited tweets & access our NEWEST Friends features.

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